Bouncers come across it almost every weekend: young people who try to enter a café with a false ID. In Tilburg, the police, the municipality and the hotel and catering industry are worried about it. The reason for a campaign is not to be fined but above all to point out the risks.

To this end, the municipality, the police, the catering industry and doorkeepers have joined their forces. Although ID falsification may seem innocent thing that everyone is doing, state documents are being tampered with, police spokesman Pierre-Ine Mattheussens emphasizes. It is not just an offense, it is a criminal offense.

Since the age limit for drinking alcohol was changed from 16 to 18, the number of fraud cases has grown. The police in Tilburg, together with the catering industry, the municipality and porters, are launching a campaign this autumn to alert young people (and their parents) to the risks. Mattheussens: You risk a Halt-strike, your passport will be lost for a while. Even if you lend your ID, you are punishable by law.

High fines for pub staff

Entrepreneurs in the catering industry are severely penalized if a check reveals that they are serving alcohol to a minor. They risk a fine of almost 1400 euros.

The campaign fits in with a broader approach to nuisance in Tilburg’s nightlife. We continue to search for ways to keep the underage people out of the alcohol serving area, tells a spokesperson from the municipality to campaign.

Anyone who collects a new ID at the town hall will be given a card with the warning against fraud. Porters receive information on how to recognize false IDs.