The ease with which a person can obtain an official identification card in Mexico is one of the reasons why bank frauds have been exploded, determined the identification systems implementation company, Biometría Aplicada.

Through an investigation, the company concluded that obtaining a voter identification card “may be a lengthy, but not complicated, process”.

All you have to do is walk down the street of República de Brasil, in the Historic Center of Mexico City, and wait for the sale offers of driving licenses, birth or death certificates. Once the customer tells the salesperson what he needs, he or she takes the salesperson inside a remodeled neighborhood where several workshops are located. There they show you a catalog with credentials of various prices, ranging from 600 to 3,500 pesos, the customer only has to indicate what he wants it for and is immediately advised by the manager on the quality of printing required.

Loose controls

Humberto Flores, a user of banking services, assures that almost no place where he is used to pay, asked for his official identification at the time of making a payment.

“One thing that is little talked about is the need to require official identification from anyone who pays by credit or debit card,” he said.

“My wife had her debit card cloned and they paid at a gas station in Mexico City, in Puebla, other establishments in the same state like Costco and Sanborn’s, one more in Costco de Satélite and we live in Naucalpan,” he said.

He added that if any of those purchases had requested official identification document and had ascertained it’s authenticity, these charges of more than 14,000 pesos would have been avoided.

According to data from the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Financial Services Users, claims attributable to possible fraud in the first quarter of 2016 amounted to 1,363,271, 60% more than in the same period in 2015.

He stressed that claims for alleged fraud are understood as those where the user manifests unrecognized consumption by theft or loss of bank card, cloning of magnetic stripe, remote purchases or sales by phone or Internet, electronic transfers not recognized, identity theft or falsification of personal data.

Adolfo Loera, general manager of Applied Biometrics, a consulting firm in charge of implementing this technology for the benefit of users, explained that banks are increasingly investing in biometric identification systems due to the increase in the number of frauds of which they are also victims with identity theft.

Crime prevention steps recommended for the banks:

  • To take the necessary measures to verify the authenticity and legality of the identifications that customers present for the contracting and use of a financial product or service, considering those identification documents provided for in the general provisions referred to in Article 115 of the Law on Credit Institutions.
  • To implement as a joint action with the affiliated establishments and commission agents of said institutions, requiring customers to identify themselves at the time of carrying out the requested operation.
  • Permanently review the security measures in their information management systems and processes to ensure the inviolability of the personal data of financial services users.
  • Verify that third parties with whom they share their databases are responsible for the proper use and safeguarding of the information they handle.
  • Expand the dissemination by Financial Institutions of the basic elements to prevent and inhibit Identity Theft to which users are exposed.