But, what is that dark web?

To explain that, we first have to say what the deep web is: that part of the global web we call Internet that is not accessible to search engines like Google. It is estimated to be 400 to 600 times bigger than the Internet most of us use every day and what you are on now, if you read this article.

The dark web is part of that deep web, but you can only use it with special software. The best known one is the TOR browser. This TOR browser more or less guarantees that you are anonymous on the web.

TOR browser in itself is not bulletproof, but it’s easy to add an extra layer of encryption using easy-to-obtain tools, and then you’re completely “undetectable”.


The dark web and TOR is something that is great in itself: it offers you the opportunity to preserve your privacy, to get past censorship, to avoid stalking (it is increasingly used by social workers and victims of ill-treatment and rape, for example, etc). You could say that TOR is the Internet as it was intended to be.

It has gained a bad reputation in the mainstream media, especially because it is also a great place for criminals to live. You can really get everything that is illegal, even order a hit.

For criminals, the anonymity offered by the dark web and the fact that it mainly trades in bitcoins is very attractive. In itself, bitcoins that are used for criminal activities can be traced, although in any case it is a lot more difficult than credit card transactions or PayPal, but also there are now a few tricks to make it very difficult to detect. You can also easily find out how to do this on the dark web.