It is easy (and not really expensive) to obtain a false passport, or another European identity document. On the dark web, we soon have found it is relatively easy to find providers of European passports on the dark web, which you can use allegedly without problems, for example, going through airport checks.

“We are selling a real passport to you. It works like any other passport from the government. There are no name limitations…. All the data is provided by the bearer of the passport and it’ s all new”.

The supply of false passports, driving licenses and identity cards is large on the dark web (below this article we explain what that is for those who do not know it yet). A large number of these sites have to be taken with a grain of salt, they offer passports that pass through only simple checks. But, those who hang around on forums and chat rooms on the dark web for a while are quickly directed to sites that can deliver the real goods.


This means that falsified identity documents have biometric data (fingerprints) and RFID chips. European passports are always included, in addition to Dutch, German, British, American, Japanese, French and Canadian. That turns out to be the most popular. The Scandinavian one may be more difficult, but recently there are also Norwegian passports in the offer.

It is vendor’s guarantee that you can travel to any country. And that you can do things like open a bank account with it. Passports may be stamped with visa stamps, subject to additional payment.

“The price of a European passport passing through “face control” varies from 500 to 1,000 euros. Package deals are offered if you also order a driving license and identity card.”

There appear to be a number of options. For example, passports are offered that are purely fictitious, but also passports that already exist. These are then “copied” and provided with your photo and biometric data. If necessary, the first category can be made fail proof: there is an effective offer to ensure that your false passport actually ends up in the government’s database. This implies that this database is either hackable or that the forgers get help from within.