With a beating heart and a sweating forehead you are standing in line. Only three more people in front of you. The two bottles of beer on the band slide slowly towards the scanner, ready to be judged by the judging eyes of the cashier. Will I be able to buy the booze?

Teens often succeed in buying Alcohol in Stores

Although I have been allowed to buy alcohol for over six years now, I often forget my identity card. I haven’t reached the magical age of 21 yet, so officially I still have to identify myself. Usually it goes well and I get away with it, but I am quite big (that’s intimidating, it seems) and good at resting bitch face. Still, I wonder: how do cashiers do it? Why do they ask me for verification one day and not the next? Do you develop a kind of superpower behind the cash register that allows you to perfectly judge someones age? Or is it pure guesswork?

I asked a few people who work or have worked behind the cash register how they profile people.

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Julia (19): A Fake ID WORKS!

“I actually paid particular attention to what people bought with their alcohol. That sounds awful, but if someone got a lot of organic groceries and vegetables and then a bottle of red wine, I wouldn’t ask for an ID card as quickly. Even if someone bought baby food, I just allowed them to buy alcohol. So if you want to avoid us asking for a card, you should actually buy stuff grown-ups would get.

When I saw someone with just a bottle of Hugo or Passoa coming up, I always carded Those are really „young girl drinks“. Buying energy drinks is also a no no if you want to pass.

Did I really look at ID Cards? I didn’t really look at the picture. We have to enter the date of birth very quickly into the system, so we don’t really have time for that. I think a lot of young people with a false ID card buy drinks. If you have the same color of hair and eyes, it’s actually good enough, if you buy a quality fake from a reputable vendor online.

Some people take it very seriously when you ask for their ID card. Really like an attack on them as a person. Sighing, eyes rolling – that’s the big problem and the reason why all the cashiers are reluctant to ask for it! I usually thought:

„I understand that you want to feel mature, but this is my job, just show that card!“

Of course it has also happened that I totally misjudged ages. For girls, it’s usually easier – I just compare them to myself – but I find boys more difficult. Once I asked a man of 36, because I sincerely thought he was under 21 years old. That‘s why it is so important to not only borrow an ID card from someone else but actually shell out the money to purchase one. There are always ways… and it is a given to use fake ids if you are in College.

David (21): Your Behavior Gives you Away!

“I had a great system. I estimated a person’s age based on two things: external characteristics and behavior. With external characteristics you quickly make a selection of who is old enough anyway and who is too young to buy alcohol or tobacco anyway. The rest are cases i pay more attention to , especially to behavior.

There are many types of young people: Young people who appear very mature, young people who put on their best smile in the hope of avoiding control and also young people who try to appear a bit intimidating. They usually don’t realize that you’re watching them for a while, so you know they’re playing a game.

So, if you are younger and can‘t control how you behave (maybe because you are a bit drunk already), then it is very prudent to seek out a vendor who can provide you with the best fake id money can buy – ASAP! Don‘t go for cheap cards made in China. Spending a bit more for quality work goes a long way and will help you pass the „cashier test“ with flying colors.