Too young for the night club? No admittance to the cinema? A fake ID card seems to be the solution to many of the problems faced by an adventurous teenager. This guide does not want to spoil your fun, but intends to explain clearly the consequences of alleged solution.

Some websites on the Internet make it very clear for what purposes the fake ID cards are suitable. They also advise you to consult a lawyer if there is any uncertainty regarding the planned use of the false identity card. The criminal relevance of forged identity cards is also discussed, but it is sometimes suggested that forging a student ID card is completely unproblematic:

“The purchase, as well as the possession of our ID cards: fake student cards are legal. This is confirmed by thousands of customer opinions”.

There is nothing wrong with this information at first, but it could give the impression that the use of these documents outside of a private framework is also legal and that is not the case.

Falsifying Identity Cards – Possibilities And Legal Consequences

Apart from relevant websites where you can buy a fake ID card, there are of course many options to make it yourself:

Photoshop: Scan, change date of birth with Photoshop, print in high resolution and laminate. Can be made fast with the right equipment, but doing so is a felony. You are committing a forgery of documents and law is no fun there, threatening prison sentences of up to five years. So this action is definitely not worthwhile for the bar or a horror movie in the cinema.

Borrowing ID from someone else whose appearance is reasonably appropriate and whose age helps to overcome the stupid barriers: Not a good idea either. This is not forgery of documents, but misuse of identity documents, and it is also a criminal offense. The penalty is less, a maximum of one year behind the bars, or a fine. However, the lender is also liable to prosecution. Therefore, this is not the real solution either.

Forge a student card or student ID: Many people think that forging an international student ID card, for example, is not so bad. This is not the case, because these ID cards are also documents, are often accepted as official documents and it is therefore a forgery of documents. Sentence is the same as above – not a reasonable alternative.

Which Scheme May Work Without Committing A Crime ?

You can scan your ID card, adjust your date of birth with an image editing program and print it black and white. You used it to make a copy of your ID. It would become a document if it was authenticated on the front or back. You can show your ID at the door and say you only take the copy because you lose your wallet so often. Depending on the doorman, you may or may not get away with it. But be careful: do not make a color copy, this could again be interpreted as forgery of documents.

So you can easily buy or make a fake ID card and of course also possess it – but only for private use, such as a party joke, gift, for a movie, etc. The use in any legal circumstances is forbidden and can sometimes result in high penalties and corresponding convictions.

This also applies to people who don’t want to seem older, but intend to appear younger – perhaps to avoid shocking their loved one or to get a discount at the box office – the level of punishment knows no distinction with regard to the different ID forging motivations!