The Dutch company InnoValor has developed software to combat the widespread use of fake IDs. The demand is so great that InnoValor has been nominated for the Rising Star Award for fast-growing technology companies, which are less than 5 years old.

With InnoValor’s software and associated app, fraudsters with false identity cards can be exposed. The police are already using it. The Rising Star election is the front portal for the Deloitte Technology Fast 50, the ranking list of fastest growing technology companies in the Europe. Thursday is the finale in Utrecht.


Police officers who check drivers’ driving licenses during roadside inspections do so – if it is a driving license issued after 2014 – using ReadID from Innovalor. The app enlarges the passport photo, which is on the chip on the driving license. For example, driving licenses in which a false photo has been scanned can be picked out. After all, lookalike fraud – a passport photograph of someone who is very similar to the license holder – is one of the most common ways of identity fraud. For this reason, the agency issuing visas for the Canadian government also uses the software developed in Enschede.


With the help of the same app, Rabobank will start a trial in November with reading out the chip, which is included in all Dutch passports and ID cards. And the lower two lines on the inside of the passport, the so-called machine readable zone. This allows the authenticity to be established. For example, Rabo makes it possible for customers to avoid having to go to the bank for identification purposes. Rabo clients who want to open an account remotely can download an InnoValor built app. The Norwegian DNB bank chaired Rabo in this regard. A ReadID demo can be downloaded from Android’s Play Store.


Thanks to the innovative invention, InnoValor has grown spectacularly in recent years. The workforce doubled to 19 employees in three years. InnoValor originated from the research institute Novay – formerly Telematica Institute – which went bankrupt in 2014. By then Wil Janssen (51) and Maarten Wegdam (44) had already left it and started business themselves. This was done with a total of 8 former Novay employees. So now there are 19. We were a kind of semi-officials and now we are entrepreneurs, says Maarten Wegdam. That’s fine. In 3.5 years we have grown by approximately 250 percent in turnover. We also provide advice on cyber security and digital innovations to companies and government, but you can never grow as fast as with our ReadID software.