It is a widespread practice that young people forge student cards in order to circumvent the age limits of the law for the protection of minors. It is rare for a young man to end up in court for this. A 16-year-old schoolgirl from Upper Carinthia had to answer to judge Alfred Pasterk on Tuesday for forging a student ID card at the regional court in Klagenfurt.

The girl was sentenced to a one-month conditional sentence. The offense is punishable by imprisonment for up to two years. The judgment is not yet final. The judge had excluded the public from the trial at the defendant’s request to protect the defendant.

The young woman had forged her classmate’s student ID card by replacing the photo on the card. She confessed and was in the court for the first time. A diversion – out-of-court solution – had been rejected. The student ID card was confiscated by the regional court. The 16-year-old was found guilty of “forging specially protected documents”. In addition to the custodial sentence and a three-year probationary period, she must also bear the costs of the court proceedings.

According to the police, fake student ID cards are in massive circulation. Because the student ID card, which is usually sufficient to establish identity, can be easily manipulated.

The young counterfeiters are very creative in order to be able to drink alcohol and go out to parties without hindrance. “For example, the year of birth is manipulated with a razor blade,” says Wolfgang Pittino, deputy city police commander in Klagenfurt, who himself carries out youth protection checks. “Young people are often unaware that they are committing crimes.”

According to the police, however, the classic attempts to get into the restaurant with the older brother’s identity card, for example, are more frequent. Pittino announces: “Now – with the start of the holiday season – we will increase the number of identity card checks again”.