The bouncer laughed in my face “What is this, kid?” and threw my ID card back at me. Only it wasn’t my ID! I had decided it was a good idea to use a fake identity card generator online to get into clubs and drink with my friends. Secretly laminated it in my aunts arts & craft room. I was convinced it would fly.
Of course I was stupid.
I should have read some reviews and then proceeded to buy a legit fake identification made by a professional.
Instead I decided to be an idiot. All I wanted was to drink and party with my friends, who are over 21 – including some girls I was interested in.

After this nasty experience, I decided to step up my game and went on a quest to buy a legit fake ID. In this quick post, I’d like to help you find the best fake ID out there so you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did. Would it be surprising if I told you that I went through quite a few vendors before I finally succeeded at the door?

Let me tell tell you the truth right here and now ….

Even if you are clever enough not to print out a false ID in your dad’s home office, an ID that is detectable by even the most retarded bouncer, you can still fail MISERABLY in your mission to get boozed as a minor.
I can‘t stress this enough: READ REVIEWS before you decide to slap down your Credit Card (or bitcoin wallet for that matter)!

Why You Need Reviews

How would you know that a vendor is actually legit and not just taking your money without actually shipping the product? If you don’t have personal experience with a fake ID website, you HAVE to rely on reviews. This comes with a few caveats of course. Testimonials can be fake, or lacking product details. This is why you need to learn how to tell legit and helpful review from a bad one.
Allow me to elaborate…take these rules to heart!

Rule #1 Look For Detailed Reviews

Modern Identification documents (drivers licenses, passports, state ID cards) often come with highly advanced security features. Forgeries of bad quality often lack these characteristics and won’t stand up to higher levels of scrutiny. Prominent examples include holograms and micro prints. Under some circumstances, this won’t matter much, but more and more venues employ a blacklight check or even have specialized machines to read your card. Since you only want the best fake ID, make sure reviewers talk about the card being scannable and passing the hologram check.

Rule #2 Check for Fake Testimonials

First of all, know that the Fake Identification Business is tough, and, quite obviously, completely unregulated. There is no better business committee of forgery! 😉 That means, that only the “big boys” survive, who do EVERYTHING in their power to drown the competition. One simple way to do that, is to smear the reputation of competing vendors. They create networks of fake review blogs and forums dedicated to badmouthing other online fake ID vendors.
If you have been on the lookout for a counterfeit ID you’ve likely stumbled upon scam warnings. “Don’t buy from vendor X, I never got my ID card!”.

Is Every Bad Fake ID Review True? Of Course Not!

But be aware that companies often hire cheap laborers from countries like the Philippines or India to write these fraudulent reviews. Because every word costs money, and people are naturally lazy, a fake post is often short, comes with spelling and grammar mistakes and often sounds similar to the next one. Grammatical structures are often weird, as if written by a bot, sentences are awry and word choice is unusual. Your college mates don’t talk like that irl lol! That’s a huge neon sign that the review is fake!
Also, just because some blog or forum is ranked high on Google does not mean it can be trusted. Rank on Google is often manipulated and you might even find several separate fake review sites taking the top spots.


Don’t look for the “easiest state ID to fake”, don’t fall for “national ID card generators”. They fool no one ever (!!!) and you’ll cry watching your friends enter the bar or club with a couple of hotties in their arms while you get denied, and possibly banned for a long while. Take the time to find reputable fake ID reviews on trusted websites that help you decide on a legit fake ID vendor, which won’t scam you. Apply the guidelines provided in this article, and you’ll be all set to party, drink, and have a great time with your bros and hoes 😉


All mentioned on this blog fake ID vendors were reviewed by real USA students who ordered IDs online and used them in real life situations where age verification was required.