How To Get A Fake ID Online

To buy scannable fake IDs online, you need to have a couple of “trivial” things: a good acquaintance in a criminal environment and a lot of money. Because only few can allow themselves such a "pleasure". Another rumor is that a couple of "additional" passports are available to almost every politician - just in case.

In fact, it was not always possible to buy scannable Fake IDs without problems. This business began to develop rapidly in recent years. Previously, there were certain places, where you could meet the right people and wait for approval. Now the fakes market has moved to the Internet, which gives unlimited opportunities, including ensuring the security and anonymity of both the customer and the vendor.

In American realities, almost everyone can acquire fake IDs, even without leaving the apartment. All that is required for this is your photo, a hundred dollars equivalent in Bitcoin and a week of time. And most importantly - your new identity will be listed in all databases of the country, and if necessary, you will get a birth certificate, residence registration, and all other stamped papers that make the person a proud bearer of American citizenship (these may come at additional cost though).

The Fake ID business is thriving. We simply googled "buy a fake ID" and the result was surprising - 1,090,000 search results!

Having visited several sites offering to get falsified IDs, we were simply amazed. It seems that this is not about illegal products, but about selling household appliances or stuffed toys. A question would inevitably arise, where does law enforcement looks? But first things first.

There are also online resources that advertise their products. Of course, there are also situations that are quite natural, when you simply need a scannable fake ID card to buy alcohol. “We can solve any problem related to obtaining full featured identification card" one of the sites claims.

But the resource that offers forged identity documents even took care of the moral calm of their customers:

"Regarding the moral side of the services we offer: the UN Declaration clearly and unequivocally states that everyone has the right to move freely and choose their residence within each state .... In addition, no distinction should be made on the basis of political, legal or the international status of the country or territory to which a person belongs, regardless of whether this territory is independent, trust, non-self-governing or otherwise limited in its sovereignty. " In fact, the transparent slogans of world politicians remain an empty sound, the countries that signed this UN Declaration, they themselves grossly violate it. An explicit policy of double standards exists, but we do not agree with this formulation, and the action gives rise to opposition. "

Get A Fake ID: Become 21 Over Night

It is also worth noting that custom made fake IDs are divided into different categories, on which, respectively, the price depends. There are digital copies that are basically Photoshopped templates. But a completely forged ID (albeit of a superior quality) is expensive. Naturally, a Novelty ID item of souvenir quality can be bought at a low price.

As a rule, almost all sites produce IDs in a fairly short time - up to 7 days, depending on the complexity. "Ordering a fake identification card and its shipping takes place within a week from the date we received from you all the necessary details and photos. We can issue the ID in your name, or in any other. The blessing in our imperfect legislation is the corresponding gaps "- assures another merchant IDs through the Internet page.

A few more words about additional services and how the deal is going on. This information is again provided by forged identification manufacturers themselves: "The production takes place in stages. First we receive you filled order form, then payment, then we are ready to send your order to production line. From there, it goes straight to shipping – and that comes to your door in discreet packaging."

By the way, there are many specialists of different profiles working for each such Fake ID makers company - from technical workers to lawyers and even psychologists.

Security & Warranty

This availability pushes the idea that law enforcement agencies should inevitably become interested in the described service. But, according to the latter, they are interested indeed, but they can not do anything. The problem is the use of the Internet. After all, orders are received through the encrypted website forms and paid in Bitcoin (of course, the manufacturers leave no addresses or phone number. Payment can also be made without contact. And the ready printed false ID comes to the client through mail, in nondescript envelope. Thus, confidentiality is preserved for both sides, especially if the customer provided completely fictitious personal details).

If you want to acquire false IDs or become a completely new person, you need to remember: after a thorough check of the authorities, forgery will in any case be detected. Even if you purchased the products of the highest quality. By the way, its 100% guarantee you can not expect, because of the anonymity of the manufacturer. The only thing you can be guided by is the reputation of this or that website, based on the feedback of people already using it. Moreover, it should be noted that most of the resources offering Fake IDs are themselves fake. In many cases, they receive money from the client and disappear. Of course, the latter will not complain to the police.

An opposite aspect is also important in these cases. Just imagine what opportunities such an unhindered sale of Fake IDs provides for all sorts of scammers. And if the relevant authorities can not always recognize the fake, then ordinary bartenders and bouncers can do no better.

At the same time, another logical thought arises: if falsification of identity documents is illegal business, then how are the able to do their business? The answer to this question hangs in the air, law enforcement officers prefer to remain silent. After all, if you write off everything on some unscrupulous employees, then the implementation of counterfeit IDs could not have become so massive. Hence, we can assume that behind this, indisputably, exists a profitable business that is connected with rather serious power structures or certain statesmen. But for some reason, even inveterate political unmaskers and fighters against corruption modestly keep quiet about the scale of trade in fake IDs.


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