Girls Night Out – Part 2: Police Is Called

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No club exhausts the legal latitude and allows young people under 18 to stay there until midnight. It is more practical not to let the young people in than to throw them out at midnight. This annoys many. We need an ID card. This is quickly done, and paired with the thrill of being caught, a new kind of recreational sport develops from this crime. “Recently, I was summoned to the presidium,” reports Magdalena. “I should put a statement on record and it will be passed on to the prosecution. However, the police chief said that since my girlfriend and I had never been in contact with the police before, we may be lucky, and it will remain an entry in our police file for five years. “Nothing would be entered in our certificate of good conduct.”

Frankfurt Police Commissioner Nadja Kellermann reports on the incident: “For me it has become commonplace that young people try to forge something. In the past it was only fake student ID cards, but unfortunately more and more often it is personal identity cards. What most people do not know, however, is that even a forged student ID card is an offense, because this is also a document forgery. It is also forbidden to borrow the ID of older friends to come to a club. This can also end with punishment.” This statement surprises young people like Mira. “I didn’t think it was even forbidden to pass on one’s own personality.” “We were all young once and screwed up,” admits the commissioner,” but just last week I had a teenager here who was caught with 70 ecstasy tablets. We haven’t done things like this before, it’s getting worse and worse.”

Reconsidering the reckless actions

Magdalena has become thoughtful in the meantime and reports: “I didn’t even make the ID card alone and I wouldn’t have come up with such an idea. Friends from school have explained how this can be done. Simply scan the person into the computer, change the date and stick the printed, modified version with a foil over the real person. Another possibility would be to scratch the last number of the date of birth to make the date unrecognizable. It would have always worked with them, and even if I heard that someone was caught, you could negotiate with the bouncers, and they would leave it at teachings. The police were never called.”

She herself has now learned from the incident. “I realized how stupid and reckless I was. The evening itself and everything else that followed and will follow, I will probably just tick off as a youth sin, and later I can at least tell my children an exciting story and keep them from doing something similar”.

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