Girls Night Out – Part 1: Innocent ID Prank?

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The girls night out ends in front of the doors of the Halli Galli, as the Frankfurt disco is called. The bouncer recognized the fake IDs. The consequences are unpleasant.

“What’s that?” you hear the beefy, tanned man about 1.85 meters tall, with black hair and black clothes shouting angrily. He checks the identity cards of a group of five girls in a festive mood who are in front of the small disco “Dancecenter A66”, better known as “Halli Galli”, in Frankfurt at about 11 pm. “This is my identity card,” answers the first girl, slightly frightened, but tries to cover it up. She wears black leggings, high heels and a blue top that reaches over her knees. The bouncer takes a critical look at the others’ IDs and mumbles:

“Now we have a problem, or rather you two have a problem”, and points to the first two girls of the queue, who pull themselves from the stairs, which serve as a staircase from the street to the entrance of the disco, which can be found somewhat close to a cinema.

Let your creativity play

Counterfeit identity cards are not a trivial offense, but have become part of everyday life. Young people want to go out and drink alcohol, the only thing stopping them are the bouncers who no longer let themselves be fooled by a fake student ID card. Another solution is to change the age. The number of forged identity cards is constantly increasing, as they are the only valid document accepted by bouncers in addition to the driver’s license and passport. The young people let their creativity play. There are many ways to change an identity card, everything is tried and usually punished.

But what are the consequences of what at first glance appears to be a harmless prank? “There will be no more than a warning,” says 17-year-old Mira from Frankfurt. “Or maybe the police will be called, but what are they gonna do? Most of them just want to go to the clubs and do nothing else with their ID,” Sema, her friend of the same age, adds.

Two officers in full outfit

That’s not entirely true. If the police are called in, you will be taken to the police station, your personal details must be provided, photographs and fingerprints will be taken for identification purposes. “The bouncers have only kept me and my friend waiting half an hour. They weren’t sure whether to call the police or not. One wanted it badly, the other was undecided. In the end, however, they decided to do it, and after another half an hour two officers were standing in front of my girlfriend and me in full outfit, i.e. baton, vest and so on,” reports the 16-year-old Magdalena, who got “a problem” on that evening.

In addition, there are documents forgery charges. As a result, one even has to prepare oneself for imprisonment, but in the case of youths under the age of 18 who have not previously been noticed by the police, this offense usually ends with social services or a fine. “I didn’t think of something like that, I knew I was committing a crime, but all my friends have such fake ID, and I just didn’t expect to get caught, the times before it always worked out,” says Magdalena. “Two other friends had just called me from inside and told me that they were allowed in without any problems. “I was reassured and all the more shocked when the bouncer recognized my fake ID.”

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